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The snowball effect…

Why the new cabinet should commit to ‘social tipping points’ by including a Social Tipping Point Strategy in the coalition agreement

> Supplement to the letter

> Press release

Dear Ms. Hamer,

You are faced with an unprecedented task to put together a cabinet that will tackle both the corona and the climate crisis, as you yourself write. In this letter, we present a new, effective solution direction for the climate crisis.

Titanic: 1 minute to avert disaster

The Institute for Climate Impact in Potsdam compares climate change to the Titanic disaster. The captain had one minute left to avert the disaster. After that minute, everything he tried was in vain, because – no matter how hard he would hang on to the helm – the ship would not turn in time. So it is with climate change. We can still steer, but if we hesitate too long or make wrong choices, we will lose control and it will no longer be possible to contain climate change. 

Social tipping points as a lifeline

The climate scientists at the Potsdam Institute say, “The best, if not only chance to stay ahead of ever faster climate change is to bet on ever faster changes in society.” For just as physical tipping points in the climate system, such as the melting of the ice caps, are causing ever faster warming, social tipping points are accelerating the solution.

We would like to call on the new cabinet to include a ‘Social Tipping Point Strategy’ in the outline agreement.

Social Tipping Point Strategy: the way to public support

A Social Tipping Point Strategy is an integral climate strategy that can bring the 1.5-degree target of the Paris Agreement more quickly within reach. This can be done by strategically deploying social tipping point measures that accelerate and reinforce each other. These measures will lead, for example, to a growth in knowledge and social support, more citizens’ initiatives, price reductions on existing sustainable technology and shifts in the energy market which will make fossil fuels less attractive. The measures within this strategy reinforce each other, cost the government hardly any money and sometimes even generate revenue. You can read more about the social tipping points in the appendix below this letter.

NGOs, grassroots, scientists and artists

We, the Social Tipping Point Coalition, invite the new cabinet to shape this strategy with us. We are a growing group of NGOs, grassroots organizations, scholars and people in the arts sector who are themselves working to promote social tipping points and/or support the call for a social tipping point strategy. We draw on the Potsdam Institute’s recent research on the power of social tipping points to achieve the Paris goal.

Civil society initiates support

Positive social changes – such as women’s rights and the abolition of slavery – have always been initiated from within society and were often inconsistent with government regulations and dominant social norms at the time. Yet they brought crucial changes in human development and led to broader legal and normative changes that are at the heart of our modern societies. Thus, even now, it is mainly NGOs, grassroots organizations, neighborhood energy cooperatives, sustainable entrepreneurs and artists who are working – often independently of each other – to change mindsets and behavior, (calling for) the phasing out of unsustainable business and trying to get as many people as possible on board. NGOs start lawsuits against the fossil industry and the government. For a month now, ‘Climate Guardians’ have been standing guard and keeping a vigil for the climate non-stop. During the day in front of the entrance to the Catshuis (the official residence of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands) and at night from living rooms. 

Government can accelerate achievement of Paris target

But too much is at stake to leave the societal tipping point solely to separate initiatives in society. The time we have to prevent uncontrollable climate change through physical tipping points is getting shorter and shorter. We cannot afford to gamble on ‘solutions’ that still emit a lot of greenhouse gases, only become ‘green’ in ten or twenty years or even only come onto the market by then. It is high time for an integrated, strategic climate policy in which social forces also have a place. We owe this to future generations, but also to people who are already experiencing the consequences of climate change.

Appeal: embrace civil society, just as Biden did

We call on the new administration – as part of the new culture of governance and organizing the much-needed countervailing power – to embrace civil society movements and progressive forces as a vital part of democracy, as a vital part of achieving the Paris goal. This is also the choice President Biden made for climate policy in the United States. He asked the Sunrise Movement for input and included them in his plans. Biden is now weeding out fossil fuel industry lobbying, stopping fossil infrastructure, wanting to eliminate fossil subsidies, and investing that money to help citizens, businesses, and organizations become more sustainable.

Invitation to Collaborate in a Social Tipping Point Strategy

That is why we are letting you know, as the informateur, that we, the Social Tipping Point Coalition, would like to invite the new cabinet to our side. And we politely ask that it leave its regular partner – the fossil fuel industry – at home. Only with a social tipping point strategy that is devoid of parties with an interest in leaving everything as it is for as long as possible, can we outrun physical tipping points. It is our chance for a livable earth.

You have the helm in your hands.

Back to the Titanic. The sooner a Social Tipping Point Strategy is part of cabinet policy, the better chance of turning the ship around. You are leading the conversations that will determine climate policy for the next four years; you have the helm in your hands.

Of course we are happy to explain our appeal in a conversation.

With heartfelt and hopeful greetings,
On behalf of the Social Tipping Point Coalition and other supporters, 

Femke Sleegers

This letter is also signed by the professor who inspired us with her science:
Prof. Dr. Ilona M. Otto | Professor in Societal Impacts of Climate Change | Wegener Center for Climate and Global Change, University of Graz, Austria | Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, Germany

De coalitie

We zijn overweldigd door het aantal ondertekenaars! We doen ons best om de lijst zsm te updaten. Veel dank voor jullie steun!


    Op persoonlijke titel

    prof. dr. Noelle Aarts | socio-ecologische interacties | Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen

    • Richard Abbenhuis | verpleegkundige
    • Nelson Addo | conservator a.i. Multatuli Museum
    • Christiaan Alberdingk Thijm | jurist & auteur
    • Jan-Willem Anker | auteur 
    • dr. Selçuk Balamir | Willem de Kooning Academie
    • prof. dr. ir. Conny Bakker | Industrieel Ontwerpen | TU Delft 
    • Arnold Beekes | innovator
    • Daan Beens | GZ-psycholoog
    • Reinier van den Berg | weerman | klimaatspecialist
    • C.T. Benard | predikant | Protestantse Kerk
    • Ralien Bekkers | internationaal klimaatadviseur 
    • Sunny Bergman | filmmaker | schrijver | activist
    • Hanna Bervoets | schrijver
    • Gerda Blees | schrijver
    • Peter Blom, oud-CEO/voorzitter van de Raad van Bestuur Triodos Bank
    • Arnold de Boer | muzikant
    • Saskia Bogaart | freelance copywriter o.a. voor Klimaatmoeders
    • Marja Bogaarts | GroenErwt-Transpharmacie
    • Lex Bohlmeijer | programmamaker
    • Marije van Bommel | docent Herman Brood Academie
    • René ten Bos | filosoof | Radboud Universiteit
    • dr. Cameron Brick | assistant professor | Universiteit van Amsterdam
    • Tsead Bruinja | dichter
    • prof. dr. Geert Buelens | schrijver | hoogleraar Moderne Nederlandse Letterkunde | Universiteit Utrecht
    • Maarten Bunnik | klimaatfinancier
    • Lennart Van Der Burg | Climatecoach4u
    • Aurelia van der Burght | visual artist
    • Roger Cremades Rodeja | co-auteur Social Tipping Points for Stabilizing Earth's Climate | Wageningen University
    • Annelie David | dichter
    • Widoere Djelantik | adviseur Staatsbosbeheer
    • prof. dr. ir. Andy van den Dobbelsteen | coördinator duurzaamheid | TU Delft
    • Martin Drenthen | universitair hoofddocent Milieufilosofie | Radboud Universiteit
    • Ilse Duijvestein | Hogeschool van Amsterdam
    • Anita Ebbing | welzijnswerker en ruimtelijk vormgever
    • prof. dr. Josee van Eijndhoven | hoogleraar (em) Sustainability Management | Erasmus Universiteit | Voorzitter Duursaam Benoordenhout
    • dr. Yuri Engelhardt | universitair docent datavisualisatie | Universiteit Twente
    • dr. ir. Sanli Faez | natuurkundige | Universiteit Utrecht
    • Eric Ferguson | consultant energie en ontwikkeling
    • Koen van der Gaast | onderzoeker voedseltransitie | Wageningen Universiteit
    • dr. Bob Geldermans Msc. | assistant professor | Onderzoek naar Climate Design & Sustainability | TU Delft
    • Marc Gehrels | Sociaal ondernemer
    • Chihiro Geuzebroek | filmmaker | public speaker
    • Maarten van der Giessen | Adviseur Energie Transitie
    • Renske de Greef | auteur
    • Maurits Groen | ondernemer
    • Petra de Goeij | bioloog | Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
    • Sylvie Goeman | Beeldend Kunstenaar en Founder KustArt, Esterenburch
    • Babs Gons | schrijver | performer
    • Wendy Gooren | zakelijk leider Sense of Place
    • Maria Goos | schrijfster
    • dr. Michel Handgraaf | Onderzoeker Environmental Decision Making | AMS Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions & Wageningen Universiteit
    • Jonne Harmsma | Centrum voor Parlementaire Geschiedenis
    • Doortje 't Hart | Facilitator van verbinding
    • dr. ir. Ignas Heitkönig | universitair docent | WUR
    • Muriel Heldring | Leiden Universiteit
    • Katja Herbers | actrice 
    • Christianne Heselmans | Fontys Hogescholen - Academie for Creative Industries | docent & onderzoeker Sustainable Futures
    • Fenna Heyning | directeur in de zorg
    • Merit Hindriks, pleitbezorger & campaigner (internationale) klimaatrechtvaardigheid
    • Gon Hoefsloot | componist | performer
    • Jan Hoekema | change manager en oud-Tweede Kamerlid voor D66 en oud-burgemeester van Wassenaar
    • Jennifer Hoffman | actrice
    • Arjan van den Hoogen | Sr. duurzaamheidsadviseur
    • dr. Thomas Hoppe I universitair hoofddocent | faculteit TBM |TU Delft
    • Marielle Horst-Gussenhoven | Wholebrands
    • Liset Horsten | muzikant
    • Twan Huys | journalist 
    • Vatan Hüzeir | wetenschapper | Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • Ruben Jacobs | socioloog en schrijver | Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht 
    • Mijke de Jong | regisseur
    • Jan van der Kamp | Heath Systems Innovations
    • dr. Leo van Kampenhout | Scientists4Future NL
    • dr. Clemens Kaupa | assistant professor | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam | onderzoek naar klimaatwetgeving
    • Sabine Kerssens | student Systems Engineering
    • Liane van Klaveren | strategisch adviseur communicatie
    • dr. ir. Lisette Klok | onderzoeker/docent stedelijke klimaatadaptatie | Hogeschool van Amsterdam
    • Kees Klomp | founder THRIVE Institute
    • mr. Ingrid van der Klooster | Universitair docent | Sustainable Finance Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • dr. ir. Jeroen Kluck | lector water in en om de stad / stedelijke klimaatadaptatie | Hogeschool van Amsterdam
    • Roeland Kneppers |Coöperatie Bergen Energie (BE)
    • Lani Kok | beleidsmedewerker circulaire economie
    • Pauline van der Kolk | projectleider Expeditie van betekenis
    • Maria Kolossa | Filmmaker | We love earth
    • Ruud Koornstra | Nationale Energiecommissaris
    • Heidi Koren | stadsdichter Nijmegen
    • Jan Korff de Gidts, regionaal burgerinitiatief Kracht van Utrecht
    • Esther Korteweg | dierenarts
    • Loes Kreemers | Gedragswetenschapper duurzaam gedrag |  lectoraat psychologie voor een duurzame stad | Hogeschool van Amsterdam
    • Christine Kuiper | sr. kennismedewerker Movisie
    • Ernst-Jan Kuiper | gepromoveerd klimatoloog
    • Bas Kwakman | auteur | uitgever | Radicale Vriendschap, poëzie en activisme
    • prof. dr. Klaas Landsman | mathematical physics | Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
    • Nico Landsman | Zeeland Bruist
    • Nynke Laverman | singer/songwriter
    • Lennart van der Linde | projectleider Klimaat en Energie | Duurzaam Den Haag
    • Maarten Loonen | Arctisch Centrum Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
    • Suzana Lopes da Silva | architect
    • Adriaen Luijks | eindredacteur MeJudice
    • Tessa Mathijsen | docent Nederlands
    • Ria Marks | theatermaker
    • Lieke Marsman | dichter des vaderlands
    • prof. dr. ir. Theo van der Meer | Emeritus prof. Thermische Werktuigbouwkunde | Universiteit Twente
    • Ruben van der Meer | acteur
    • prof. dr. mr. Hans van Meerten | professor Europees pensioenrecht Universiteit Utrecht | advocaat, consultant en lid van OPSG / EIOPA
    • Alman Metten | onderzoeker | oud-lid Europees Parlement
    • Thomas Möhlmann | dichter
    • prof. dr. Lars Moratis | lector | Breda University of Applied Sciences & Antwerp Management School
    • dr. Niek Mouter | assistant professor | Government Project Appraisal  | TU Delft
    • mr. Madeleen Mulder | jurist, wayfinder and purpose activator
    • Ramsey Nasr | schrijver | dichter | acteur
    • Kirsten Notten | directeur Kennis en Community
    • Arthur Oldeman | klimaatwetenschapper UU | Scientists4Future NL
    • Mark Ooijevaar | Schaatser | Totaalplan spoor
    • prof. dr. J.B. Opschoor | hoogleraar (em) economie van duurzame ontwikkeling |  oud-rector Institute of Social Studies Den Haag
    • Suzanne Oudmaijer |milieucoördinator
    • Ludo van Oyen | gastdocent |Institute of Environmental Science | Leiden Universiteit
    • dr. Esther Parigger | hoofddocent Duurzaam gedrag | Toegepaste Psychologie  | Hogeschool van Amsterdam
    • Hans Peters | MVO professional
    • Anniek Pheifer | actrice
    • Theunis Piersma | hoogleraar Trekvogelecologie | Rijksuniversiteit Groningen |  waddenonderzoeker bij Koninklijk NIOZ-Texel
    • Rick van der Pol | Bouwkundig adviseur
    • Esther Polak, Kunstenaarsduo PolakVanBekkum
    • Lammert van Raan
    • Robert Rosendal | Initiatiefnemer Kunst en Landschap Noord Nederland
    • Jan Pronk | oud-minister van VROM
    • Sytze Pruiksma | componist | muzikant
    • Pia Putman | mantelzorgconsulent en communicatietrainer
    • dr. Reint Jan Renes | lector | psychologie voor een duurzame stad | Hogeschool van Amsterdam
    • Thekla Reuten | actrice
    • dr. Peter Roessingh | assistant professor | Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics
    • Bert Rorije | generatist sociale impact en duurzaamheid
    • prof. dr. Jan Rotmans | hoogleraar Transitiekunde | Erasmus Universiteit
    • Eva Rovers | schrijver | mede-oprichter Bureau Burgerberaad
    • dr. Channa Samkalden | mensenrechtenadvocaat
    • Disa Sauter | associate professor of psychology | Universiteit van Amsterdam
    • dr. Annette Scheepstra | Arctisch Centrum | RUG
    • Michel Scholte | Minister van de Nieuwe Economie
    • Werner Schouten | Voorzitter Jonge Klimaatbeweging
    • dr. Willem Schramade | Sustainable Finance Factory
    • Flip Schrameijer | socioloog
    • Jan Albert Slurink | docent middelbare school
    • Ernest Smeet | zorgmedewerker
    • dr. Marjan Smeulders | microbioloog | Radboud Universiteit
    • dr. Magda Smink | onderzoeker/adviseur lobby in duurzaamheidstransities
    • Martijntje Smit | techniekfilosoof en onderzoeker
    • Gijs Spoor | sociaal ondernemer
    • dr. Benjamin Sprecher | universitair docent | TU Delft | Industrieel Ontwerpen
    • dr. Jonas Staal | kunstenaar | mede-oprichter Court for Intergenerational Climate Crimes (CICC)
    • Eric Stam | docent
    • Hans Stegeman | econoom | columnist
    • dr. Jaap van der Stel | lector | GGZ Hogeschool Leiden | onderzoek klimaat en gezondheid
    • Frits Steenhuisen | Arctisch Centrum Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
    • Prof. dr. ir. Paul Struik | Hoogleraar gewasfysiologie | Wageningen University and Research
    • Marjan Stuiver | Programmaleider Groene Steden | Wageningen University and Research
    • Waltraut Stroh | Werkgroep Groene Lukas | Lukaskerk Den Haag
    • Koos Terpstra | schrijver | regisseur
    • Elmar Theune | secretaris Coöperatie ValleiEnergie
    • Waldemar Torenstra | acteur
    • Merlijn Twaalfhoven | componist
    • Marten Valk | Bouwadviseur | docent hoger onderwijs
    • prof. dr. ir. Pier Vellinga | hoogleraar klimaatverandering en maatschappelijke implicaties | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    • Jan van de Venis | Waarnemend Ombudspersoon Toekomstige Generaties
    • Georgina Verbaan | actrice
    • Jos Verhagen | energiecoach
    • Dick Verheul | redacteur Groene Verhalen
    • Jaap Verhoeff | RVO
    • dr. Yvonne Verkuil | moleculair ecoloog | Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
    • dr. Joost Vervoort | Associate Professor of Foresight and Anticipatory Governance | Copernicus Instituut voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling | Universiteit Utrecht
    • Erick Vloeberghs
    • dr. Machteld Vonk | jurist
    • prof. dr. Roos Vonk | hoogleraar sociale psychologie | Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
    • Felix van Vugt | docent lerarenopleiding VO | Hogeschool Utrecht
    • Stefanie Wels | anti-modeontwerper
    • Pauline Westendorp | energiecommissaris Amsterdam
    • Herma Wichman | coach
    • Liesbeth Willemsen | duurzaamheidsconsulent
    • Florian Wolff | muzikant & docent
    • M. van Zeeland | schrijver
    • Andries Zoutendijk | docent politieacademie
    • Emma Zuiderveen | promovendus
    • Bram Zuur | maag- darm- leverarts | initiatiefnemer oproep duurzame zorgpensioenen

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